Poiki is the leader of the gang and he loves to talk about all kinds of subjects! But what he loves the most is helping kids on the fascinating journey of learning a new language.

As he loves to learn about things, of course he is a great reader. He loves to read comics, and motivate children to read them as well. But he also enjoys just spending time with his gang, even though every time the gang is together, Poiki has to deal with the fuss that Kevin causes with his tricks!

Poiki lives on a farm, and he is the one who plants and harvests the supersonic carrots that Wendy has created in her lab.


Wendy is the smartest of the gang!

What this kitty wants the most is to find a potion that turns her into a tiger! And that’s why she has become a scientist and spends lots of time on her lab testing recipes.

She loves to study and unravel the mysteries of the Universe. She can be a little bit clumsy, and every now and then she ends up making a mess wherever she goes!

But the truth is she is always keen to help her bilingual friends, and she is probably the only one who never gets tired of all the questions Yasmin asks.


Kevin is the joker of the gang!

While we might think he is lazy, because he sleeps in the trees during the day, Kevin tricks everyone!

That’s because Kevin is a nocturnal animal, and while his friends sleep, Kevin likes to make fun! He hides their toys, climbs on top of the roof and knocks on their window! What Kevin doesn’t do for a laugh!

Kevin is also a great artist, and what he loves most is making funny cartoons of his friends.


Yasmin is the coolest of them all!

She loves to travel and when she eats the supersonic carrot that Wendy developed, she jumps so fast and far away that she can reach any place in the world.

She is agile and gets adapted to any situation. The gang loves to travel with her to the most amazing places, as she is a great tour guide, although they might get a little bit tired of the so many questions she asks.

She will love to take your bilingual kids on discovering journeys of the most curious places on the globe.