Crianças na Dinamarca & Ucrânia ganham o app de graça!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the Poikilingo app available?

You can find the Poikilingo Kids app at:

The app is 100% FREE till the end of 2025 for users in the Danish and Ukrainian app stores. For users in other locations, we have a launch offer of a LIFETIME unlimited premium access for a one-time payment. Price varies according to location and you can check the price for your country on the links above.

Does you app work in tablets?

Yes. Our app is compatible with mobiles and tablets. We actually recommend children to use a tablet for an improved experience.

Does you app collects, share and sell my family's data?

Yes and NO! Yes, we store some data, including data from your children, as it is detailed in our Privacy Policy and in our Terms of Service. And we share data that we are obligated to, in order to provide our services, to trustworth companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Unity, etc. However we do NOT and will NEVER sell data from your family. Most of your children’s data that we store are related to their general use of the app, and their performance, so we can keep creating more meaningful activities for our little users. ALL DATA is encrypted (secured) and pseudonymized, which means it CANNOT be directly linked to your child or you.
Keep in mind that Poikilingo was created by moms, so we understand your concerns about your children’s data!

I have an error in the app. What do I do?

Mistakes happen all the time, as it is not always easy to keep all functionalities working 100% in all versions of iOS and Android, and in all models of mobiles and tablets. We apologize for that. We would love if you could help us to fix those errors! Please reach us with an email to If possible, share screenshots or videos with us, as that can usually help us to fix errors faster. You can upload screenshots or videos here: Do NOT upload screenshots or videos that contain any sensitive data, such as your account details.


Kids can learn English, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish with Poikilingo Kids' language app
Kids can learn English, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish with Poikilingo Kids' language app

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