Making children’s bilingual journey fun!

Poikilingo is a fun app for young kids to learn languages, with interactive books, songs, videos and games where children are the main characters!

It all started when Leticia Maimann-Roland, a Brazilian teacher living in Denmark, got pregnant with her first daughter. Having worked in edtech for years, she was certain that she would find amazing tools (besides books) to help her pass her native language Portuguese to her daughter, but to her surprise, there wasn’t. So a little seed was born at this teacher’s heart: the desire to help Brazilian parents living abroad to pass on their language and culture to their kids.

Poikilingo’s method is perfect for children moving to a new country, and having to learn the language of the country – as well as for children who are learning a language as a foreign language or as heritage language.

cartoon-avatar from Poikilingo

Children build their own cartoon, and play in many games as themselves. Positive representation is important for everyone, and we have many options for disabilities.

If the child has a difficult time understanding the instructions of the games, the child hears it in her native tongue (available at this point for Ukrainian, English, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Pashto, Dari and Arabic).

We mix accents, and this improves the child’s understanding of how that language is spoken in different countries.

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