General Questions

Our Poikilingo Plan app is available worldwide for iOS and Android, except by iOS version in France.

The French government requires some documentation from companies that want to sell apps in the French Apple App Store, which we are currently providing. However the process can take a while. 

No. Free children’s apps usually generate revenue by either selling your children’s data or by showing ads to them. We are against any of these. App development, specially with high-quality content for children, is expensive to produce. To develop our app, we have a team of Early Childhood educators, Language teachers, Pedagogues, Designers, Illustrators, Animators, Game Developers, App Developers, Translators, Voiceovers, and many more professionals. Be suspicious of free children’s apps! But if you are looking exclusively for free apps, rely on the ones produced by well-established companies such as Disney, Lego, etc. 

Yes! Our app is compatible with Android and iOS tablets. 

Our Poikilingo Plan is a subscription-based app. You can choose to have monthly or yearly plans. All plans can have up to 4 children profiles, which means you can have 4 different children using the app or one child learning up to 4 different languages. 
The subscription is handled by the app stores – Google or Apple – so the payment happens in a 100% secure environment. You can cancel your subscription at any time, directly on your app store. 

Yes and no! Yes, we store some data, including data from your children, as it is detailed in our Privacy Policy and in our Terms of ServicePoikilingo was created by moms, so we understand your concerns about your children’s data. Therefore we’ve actively chosen to NEVER sell your data to other companies. We only share data that we are required to in order to offer or improve our services, and they are shared with companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, etc., which know how to protect your children’s data. Most of your children’s data that we store are related to their performance in the app, so we can keep creating more meaningful activities for our little users. 

Technical Problems

Mistakes happen all the time, as it is not always easy to keep all functionalities working 100% in all versions of iOS and Android, and in all models of mobiles and tablets. We apologize for that.
We would love if you could help us to fix those errors! Please reach us through our support channel:

If possible, share screenshots or videos with us, as that can help us to fix errors faster. If the technical problem you are having is preventing you from using the app, contact us so we can give you a coupon to extend your subscription period and compensate the time it cannot be used. You can always cancel your subscription directly through the app stores. 

Search for Poikilingo in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and click Install. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Go through a couple of screens and create the first child profile. You can add more children later. 
  2. At the end of the profile creation, you will have to choose a subscription plan and subscribe through your app store. If you have a redeem code, you can enter it at this moment.
  3. After subscribing, the app is installed and you have to create an account (the parents’ account) by informing your email and a password. The password must have a minimum of 6 characters. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with a link for activation of your account. This email can be in your spam box.
  5. Back at the app, log in with the email and password that you have just verified. 
  6. Once you enter the app, you will be asked to create an avatar for your child. This avatar will participate in some activities, interactive books and videos, so try to make it looking as close as possible to your child! 

You can add up to 4 children by following the steps below: 

  1. Click in the arrow at the top left corner, then click in the parental area icon.
    Adding additional children at Poikilingo Kids Language App
  2. At the parental gate, type the code and click ENTER.
    Questions about Poikilingo
  3. Click in CHILDREN.

  4. In the starting screen, click in the + button.
  5. You will go through a couple of screens telling us about your child.
  6. After creating the new child profile, you will be prompted to create their avatar. This avatar will participate in some activities, interactive books and videos, so try to make it looking as close as possible to your child! 

Follow the steps below to delete a child’s profile:

  1. At the starting page, click in the settings button at the top right corner.
  2. Click in the X button at the child profile you want to delete. 

Be aware that you will be deleting all personal data from your child, what means they will lose all saved data from their account. If you create another profile for the same child at some point in the future, it will be a totally new profile. 

All subscription handling, including payment, is done by the app stores. 

You should go to your account on your app store and cancel the subscription through there.

Here you can learn how to cancel a subscription on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store

Apple apps (iOS)

Yes! Our Poikilingo Plan for iOS is currently on beta testing at the Apple App Store. You can be one of our testers by joining our testing group in this link: The beta test runs though the app TestFlight, the official testing app from Apple. 

Yes! Our Poikilingo Plan app can be added to the Apple’s Family Sharing. You can learn more about the program at

Google apps (Android)

Yes! Our Poikilingo Plan for Android is available in the Google Play Store at this link: 

Yes! Our Poikilingo Plan app can be added to the Google Play Family Library. You can learn more about the program at