General Inquiries

Nope! Free kids apps usually profit in two ways, either by storing and selling users data, or by showing ads to kids (most of the time without caring about age appropriate content). We are against any of these practices.
Developing a high quality educational app requires a large specialized team - teachers, designers, illustrators, animators, game developers - and so on. Therefore you should get suspicious if an app is offered for free, unless they are from well-established and already highly profitable companies such Disney and others.
We focus on create apps that are 100% safe. In our apps, your kids never see any ads (not even from our other apps!), nor can make any purchase. And, of course, we do not collect or store user data to be commercialized.
We believe our apps have a fair price for the high quality learning material we are providing 🙂 all designed by teachers and educators.
Yes. All are apps are designed to word both on mobiles and tablets in a variety of sizes and screen resolution.
Yes. We offer "bundles" in the app stores themselves.
Visit our Google App Store or Apple App Store to learn about our bundles.
Institutions that wish to acquire our apps in large amounts, can contact us through the email [email protected].
No. So far, all the apps to be launched soon will be digital products that, once acquired, belong to the family who bought them.
The family can even uninstall an app and install them again in the future, perhaps for a second child to use it. All acquired apps will always appear in the list of apps on your device, in the tab 'Not on this device'.
At the beginning of 2022 we will be launching our first subscription app.
Yes and no!
Yes, we store some data, but we do NOT sell your data to other companies.
It's important to inform you that we do collect data from our users, but only to use them to improve our apps and the user experience. For example, when your children play with our activities and games, we wanna know how long they were engaged, how many kids quit on the activity, how easy was for kids of certain age to finish it, and so on. So, that information will help us keep creating activities that are fun, relevant and interesting for your kids.
We take your children's and family's safety seriously!
Please read our Privacy Policy to better understand how we collect and store user data.
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Apps for iOS

Our first apps will be published soon. Signup to our newsletter, or follow us at Instagram @poikilingo to do not miss the news!
Yes! All our apps can be shared through the Apple Family Sharing Program, which make them sharable among to up 5 family members.
Visit this link to learn more about the Family Sharing program from Apple.

Apps for Android

Yes, go to this link to visit our page at the Google Play Store.
Not yet, but we are seriously working at it.
Follow us at Instagram @poikilingo so you do not miss any news.
Yes! All our apps can be shared in the Google Play Family Library program, which makes them sharable with up to 5 family members.
Take a look at this video to learn about the Google Play Family Library program.

Technical Problems

Mistakes happen all the time, and it is not always easy to keep all functionalities working 100% in all types and models of devices out there. We are sorry if you've found a bug in one of our apps.
But we are here to investigate and solve the problems that appear!
If you've found a bug, please send a detailed message to [email protected]. If possible, take screenshots or record a video of the error you are facing.
If the error is preventing you to use our app, write to [email protected] so we can give you a voucher for another one of our apps, so the kids keep learning while we are fixing the problem 😉
It is also important to highlight that all our apps are sold through the official app stores - Google Play or Apple App Store - and so you can use their own system to get a refund.